What Is the Penalty for Elder Financial Abuse In California?

Elder abuse doesn’t just include physical harm, or constant neglect – it also applies to financial crimes, such as stolen cash, jewelry, or a ploy to steal retirement funds. This is a serious offense in California, with a severe penalty for elder financial abuse if prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office as a felony. 

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Crimes Related to Elder Financial Abuse

Elder financial abuse is a financial crime against someone age 65 or older; it can also apply to a dependent adult between ages 18 and 64. It can happen in a number of ways, including via financial crimes under the California Penal Code. Such crimes include stealing, fraud, embezzlement, and identity theft.  It can range from taking cash and checks from an elder’s wallet to coercing them into signing over their retirement accounts. 

Since older, dependent adults can be more vulnerable to exploitation than other age groups, elder financial abuse is a serious crime in the state of California. In fact, in accordance with California’s Three Strikes rule, a felony elder financial abuse can land offenders in prison for 25 years to life. 


What’s the Penalty for Elder Financial Abuse?

Elder financial abuse can be charged in two ways: as a felony, or as a misdemeanor. If charged as a misdemeanor, the penalty for elder financial abuse can include 364 days in county jail and a fine of up to $1,000. If charged as a felony, penalties can include between two and four years in state prison, plus a fine of up to $10,000. 

Furthermore, felony elder financial abuse is a crime under California’s Three Strikes law, as long as the crime committed qualifies as a burglary. In other words, if the culprit already has two serious felonies on their record, they could receive a prison sentence of 25 years to life after breaching elder abuse laws.


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