Beneficiary Rights

Shielding Your Inheritance Rights

A trustee’s primary responsibility is to protect any beneficiaries involved. However, most trustees and beneficiaries aren’t aware of their responsibilities or rights when disseminating property. In more malicious cases, large amounts of money can lead to greedy behavior, causing trustees to act unjustly.

As a general rule of thumb: in a trustee-beneficiary relationship, the benefits go to the beneficiary while burdens are placed on the trustee. If these rights are infringed on, it could be time for a free consultation from an attorney at Gokal Law Group. In short, we’ll ensure your inheritance rights are protected.

Trustees Are Responsible for:

  • Duty to administer the trust according to its terms
  • Duty to account to the beneficiaries
  • Duty to furnish information to beneficiaries
  • Duty of confidentiality
  • Duty of loyalty
  • Duty to invest and make trust property productive


The attorneys at Gokal Law Group are highly specialized in trust and probate law, with years of experience in helping families move onto their next chapter. By protecting the inheritance rights of our loyal clients, we give them the time and space to grieve for their loss before moving on. Since trust disputes tend to arise at unfortunate and sensitive times, we ensure that these cases are handled with a sense of delicacy and care.

Beneficiaries Have Rights Too

Ensure That Yours Are Protected

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