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The following are verdicts, judgements, and settlements obtained by Gokal Law Group. Our attorneys are equipped with the knowledge and skills to move your case forward.

$5M Probate Estate, 12 Beneficiaries

We helped the client, the decedent’s brother, carry out their executor duties and navigated them through the entire probate process. This included walking them through the inventory and appraisals, the sale of all real estate property and other assets, accounting duties, and asset distribution.

$4M Trust Estate, 6 Siblings as Heirs

After their parents died, one of the siblings began stealing trust assets and neglected their accounting duties to the beneficiaries. Gokal Law Group successfully compelled the trustee to provide the necessary accounting duties, be removed and replaced, and to recover the fair share of trust assets.

Financial Elder Abuse

The client was a victim of financial elder abuse by her son, who targeted her life savings and her home worth $700,000. As a result, the house was subsequently returned to our client who was also successfully defended from a counter-suit by her son, resulting in due reimbursement.

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“Gokal Law was very supportive, helpful and guided us through the whole legal process. As a result, we won our case. They are easy, lovable, enjoyable folks to get along with, they have a great sense of humor, and they will make you feel at ease.”

- Kevin

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