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When an estate is being disseminated to the rightful beneficiaries, the trustee has one job: to protect those beneficiaries. Oftentimes, disputes arise when a beneficiary experiences mistreatment from the trustee, meaning they’re likely breaking probate law. If your trustee has failed to comply with the legalities of their position, the attorneys at Gokal Law Group harbor the experience to reclaim your assets and ultimately protect your inheritance rights.

Reasons to Contest a Will or Trust:

  • The will or trust was not properly executed in compliance with legal requirements;
  • When creating a will or trust, a person must be mentally capable;
  • Elder financial abuse, undue influence, fraud, menace, and duress are used to take advantage of the elderly;
  • The will or trust was forged;
  • There was a mistake in the terms will or trust;
  • The will was revoked.


When contesting a will or trust, it always helps to have a team of trust and probate experts at your disposal. The attorneys at Gokal Law Group are highly specialized in these matters, helping families both protect and contest invalid wills and trusts so that they can grieve, recover, and turn to their next chapter. Seeing as these case types are delicate and take place during tough times, they’re always approached with respect and genuine care.

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