Contesting Invalid Trusts & Wills

There are a number of reasons why a party may contest the validity of a will or trust. A court could find that a will is invalid because a beneficiary took advantage of an elderly person, resulting in severe penalties, or it could be the result of errors made at the trust or will’s creation.

Other reasons why a trust and will contest could be in order include not meeting the proper legal requirements to be valid, if the will is revoked, or if the will is forged. If you are suspicious about the validity of a trust or will, contact Gokal Law Group for a case evaluation immediately.

Reasons to Contest a Will or Trust:

  • The will or trust was not properly executed in compliance with legal requirements
  • The person creating the will or trust may not be mentally capable
  • The possibility of elder abuse, duress, or fraud exists
  • The will or trust was forged
  • There was a mistake in the terms will or trust
  • The will was revoked


The most common situations which lead to trust and will contests relate to elder financial abuse, undue influence, fraud, and duress, with the elderly population being a common target of will forgery and estate fraud. The attorneys at Gokal Law Group take pride in prosecuting these claims, with years of experience in delivering proper justice.

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