Steps to Take: Preventing Financial Elder Abuse

In a perfect world, money-hungry telemarketers and scam artists would treat the elderly with deserving respect. Sadly, as the world is far from perfect, financial elder abuse is a very real and heartbreaking component of trust and probate law. Consider these suggestions so that your elderly family member’s precious savings are kept safe, secure, and away from those with malicious intent. 


Guard Loved Ones From Financial Elder Abuse

There are a handful of steps you can take to protect your beloved parents or grandparents against financial elder abuse. For starters, ensure that they avoid handing blank checks to anyone.  It may seem like a simple way to protect yourself, but sometimes as we age, it becomes easier to have another person fill in the details.  Don’t do this.  


Additionally, be sure that their financial statements are checked on a weekly basis to catch any unauthorized withdrawals. Taking simple steps such as these will protect your loved ones against financial elder abuse from those with harmful intentions.


Be Wary of Telemarketing Scams

Dishonest telemarketers have made a distinct name for themselves as consistent exploiters of the elderly. It’s a common practice and scammers have only gotten more savvy so sound legitimate.  Don’t give money, banking information, or any account information over the phone or in email.  Banks, credit card companies, or utilities don’t collect money that way.  Anyone asking for funds over the phone or via email is not operating a proper business.  


Contact Gokal Law

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