Signs You Need a Beneficiary Lawyer in California

In California, beneficiaries have a unique set of rights to protect them, their inheritance, and the estate or trust when an executor or trustee assumes control. These rights are invaluable, but require understanding.  Contact an expert beneficiary lawyer to leverage and defend your rights. The following are some of your rights for which a beneficiary rights attorney may be needed:

What is a Beneficiary Lawyer?

A beneficiary rights attorney specializes in probate law and represents beneficiaries who have had their rights violated by an executor or trustee. A beneficiary lawyer protects a person’s rights as a beneficiary and fights to protect a trust or estate and ensure beneficiaries get what they are entitled to.

What are Beneficiary Rights in California?

To understand if you need a beneficiary lawyer, you must first understand your rights as a beneficiary. Generally, beneficiary rights in California include the right to: 

  • A complete and final copy of the trust document or will, including any amendments and written instructions that affect the distribution of assets
  • Be reasonably informed about the trust
  • Fair and impartial treatment from a trustee or executor
  • Dispute a trust and any provisions or amendments
  • Compel a trustee or executor to administer the trust or estate per the trust or will terms
  • Their inheritance 
  • Timely distributions
  • An accounting
  • Object to an accounting
  • Sue a trustee for a breach of fiduciary duty
  • Petition the judge to suspend or replace a trustee or executor


“Keep in mind that everyone’s situation is different. Beneficiary rights often hinge on complex legal language in the document itself. Only a premier beneficiary rights attorney has the experience and expertise to determine what your rights are and if someone has violated them,” explained Abbas K. Gokal, a partner at Gokal Law Group and 20-year practicing attorney in probate matters in Orange County courts.


What Are Signs You Need a Beneficiary Lawyer?

Generally speaking, if a trustee fails to fulfill their duties or infringes on your beneficiary rights, you need a beneficiary attorney. Here are some examples that illustrate this. 

One sign you need a beneficiary lawyer is that you are not receiving impartial treatment by a trustee or executor. These individuals have a legal obligation to impartiality, and if they treat one beneficiary differently from the others, this violates that duty.

For example, maybe you request to review deeds, finances, income, debts, expenses, and other related items to the trust or estate but never receive them. It is a red flag if the trustee or executor happily provides this information to another beneficiary.

Alternatively, maybe you are having a hard time getting a full picture of the will or trust. Trustees and executors have an obligation to transparency and must provide an accounting to beneficiaries. If they refuse to provide one, it could signal illegal activity. 

Even something as simple as not fully understanding the trust document or will warrants a consultation with a beneficiary rights attorney.

Contact us for Premier Beneficiary Lawyer Representation 

Any time someone violates your beneficiary rights, immediately contacting an expert beneficiary rights attorney is essential to protecting your inheritance and preserving the integrity of the estate or trust. At Gokal Law Group, our team boasts unparalleled expertise and experience representing beneficiaries, shielding their inheritance, and bringing negligent or criminal trustees and executors to justice. 

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