Significant Changes to Gift and Estate Taxes in 2022

New changes to gift and estate taxes are going into effect in 2022, boosting the official estate and gift tax exemption to $12.06 million per person for deaths throughout the year. This is up from the $11.7 million tax exemption in 2021. As for gift taxes, the annual exclusion amount has increased from $15,000 in 2021 to $16,000 as of this year. 


These new laws and numbers speak to the abilities of wealthy taxpayers, and have raised the number of direct payments for medical and tuition expenses to be unlimited, with no gift or estate tax repercussions. If you’re confused about how your inheritance will be taxed over the next year, be sure to contact a trust and probate attorney for a clearer understanding. 


The Impact of New Gift and Estate Taxes

With these new exemption and annual exclusion amounts, wealthier taxpayers will be able to transfer more of their estate to heirs, tax-free, whether living or dead. On the largest estates, the tax is assessed at 40%, though wealthier individuals can effectively avoid estate taxes by simply transferring their assets to heirs early. This is done by giving large gifts, often in the millions to meet much of the $12 million exemption mark, along with numerous $16,000 annual exclusion gifts which aren’t included in the $12 million limit. 


Gift and Estate Taxes for Married Couples

With these new gift and estate taxes come changes to amounts for individuals and married couples; while individuals can now leave a bit more than $12 million to heirs without paying federal estate or gift taxes, married couples are able to distribute double that amount, or $24.12 million. Couples who have already reached their cap on lifetime gifts will also have more room to give away an additional $720,000 when compared to last year, due to the higher exemption. 


Gift and estate tax changes are confusing to navigate, which is why expert help from a vetted trust and probate attorney is recommended. 


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