What Do I Do if My Child is Injured at School?

Every fall, we send our children back to school with confidence that administrators and teachers will keep our kids safe. From running on the playground to playing tag at recess, we know the risk for small accidents when we drop our kids off in the morning full of energy and excitement. While most injuries from these accidents are small, it’s every parent’s fear that a more severe injury may occur. If your child is injured at school, how do you ensure that those responsible are held liable for your child’s wellbeing? 


Understand Liability


To have a clear understanding of whether you have a claim for a personal injury, it is important to understand the school’s responsibility while your child is in their care. It is the school’s, the administrators’, and the teachers’ collective duty to protect your child. It needs to be clear that the child was on the property during open hours. And that your child was injured in a way that was a direct result of the school or employees’ negligence or lack of care.


Speak With Your Child and Those Involved


It’s important to ensure you’ve received the full story. Sit down with your child, so they can explain what happened. Thoroughly document what you are told happened and your child’s injury. Check for inconsistencies in the story, particularly between what your child has recounted and what the adults have disclosed to you. 


Gather Evidence


Evidence needs to be gathered to ensure you have the strongest case moving forward. This type of evidence may consist of photographs of the injury or location of where the injury took place, footage from security cameras, and written accounts from any witnesses of the accident. 


Contact an Attorney 


It is our goal to hold organizations and property owners responsible for the harms they cause. In most cases, the guilty knew about the risk well before someone was hurt but did nothing. Sometimes, they weren’t aware of the risk, but that doesn’t absolve them of responsibility either. We are warriors against those that could have easily prevented someone from being hurt. We strive each day to prevent injuries from happening again. The only way to obtain change is to fight for it. If you believe your child has been injured as the result of negligent teachers, employees, or the school, we want to stand beside you in your right to find justice. Call us at (949) 753-9100 for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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