The 5 Most Common Personal Injury Claims

No matter how common or uncommon they are, personal injury claims are typically the result of negligence in some form. It’s the common denominator among workplace accidents, product liability cases, medical malpractice – you name it. Once negligence is established, victims often put their compensation towards any necessary medical bills. 


Here are the five most common types of personal injury claims to take note of. If your claim falls outside of these classifications, be sure to visit our Personal Injury Litigation page to peruse our primary areas of expertise. 


Personal Injury Due to Workplace Accidents

Accidents as a result of unsafe working conditions can warrant filing for a personal injury claim against your employer. Some examples of such occurrences include old or dysfunctional equipment, a lack of training, poor lighting, and unsafe stairways. These can be as minute as an obstructive extension cord, or as dangerous as a malfunctioning machine. These scenarios are more prevalent than most other occupations if you’re in the moving, nursing, trucking, and general labor industries. 


Product Liability Cases

Dangerous, defective, and broken products are much more common than most would suspect. These claims can arise if a given product defects to the point of injuring someone. Any affected party is then entitled to compensation to pay off any necessary medical damages. 


Slip & Fall Incidents

Whether it’s on public or private property, an injury due to hazardous conditions could be entitled to compensation for such damages. These are relatively straightforward and, due to how easily such incidents occur, slip and fall claims are common in the world of personal injury.


Car Related Accidents Resulting in Personal Injury

With car crashes injuring millions of Americans each year, auto accidents are the most common car related injuries claim filed within the U.S. Most of these incidents are completely controllable, typically resulting from a driver’s momentary negligence. Some of these injuries however, such as car seat failures or dysfunctional headrests, are the result of poor design and unwarranted approval. Victims will often file these claims to pay off any necessary medical bills with their winnings. 


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