“Silenced No More Act” Passes in California

Whether on grounds of gender, religion, disability, or other protected status, being the victim of a hostile work environment can be extremely difficult and demoralizing.  And many employees who end up settling claims for hostile work environment do not necessarily want to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements, or NDA’s, which prevent them from sharing the circumstances of a hostile work environment with members of the public – which could help prevent the behavior altogether.

Senate Bill 331, which was passed by the California legislature on August 30, attempts to change that. 

What is Senate Bill 331?

Senate Bill 331, also known as the “Silenced No More Act”, would seek to expand current protections against confidentiality terms in settlement or severance agreements. If the Governor signs this bill into law, this means that an employee who suffered harassment and signed a severance or settlement agreement with an NDA could still speak up about the illegal behavior.

Real Change for the Harassed

The new law was the brainchild of Ifeoma Ozoma, a former Pinterest employee who accused the company of gender and racial discrimination after facing harassment at the hands of her coworkers. Before going public, she had to think long and hard about the legal ramifications that could ensue after breaking her NDA with the social media giant.

Ozoma was reported as saying “This legislation recognizes the reality that a lot of workers are experiencing intersectional discrimination based not just on their sex but also on other protected classes such as race or national origin…SB 331 is an important step forward ensuring they can speak out about their whole experience as a woman of color, or a person with a disability, for example.”

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