Jibit Cinar of Gokal Law Obtains Successful Settlement in Employee Overtime Lawsuit

When you clock into work, you expect and deserve to be paid for the hours you’re there. All too often, we see employers use their authority to take advantage of their employees, cutting them short of their hard earned money. With complex employment laws, it can be difficult for employees to fully understand their rights. Employees deserve to be paid for every minute they put into their job. This is what our client experienced when she realized she was being underpaid and lied to by her employer. Jibit Cinar, and the attorneys of Gokal Law Group represented this young woman and fought for her rights. The result: a successful settlement.


Jibit’s client was a cashier who worked at least 1 hour of overtime per shift. However, she was not paid at the overtime rate for the additional time. In her situation, her employer had a “policy” of paying overtime compensation for hours worked over 80 hours in a pay period. By California law, employers must pay overtime to an employee who works over 8 in a day, and over 40 in a week. Because of her employer’s “policy,” our client was routinely being underpaid for her daily work.


To make matters worse, our client discovered that her immediate supervisor would alter her time cards and delete hours actually worked so that our client would have a difficult time even reaching the 80 hours the employer (mistakenly) believed would entitle her to overtime pay. This deception on behalf of her employer was violating our client’s rights and financially burdening her throughout her employment.


Jibit Cinar and the Gokal Law team fought for our client’s rights. We obtained a satisfactory settlement for the client during mediation.


Our client’s situation is not unique. Employees are frequently taken advantage of or deceived by their employers who they entrust with the paychecks they need to pay their bills.


As an employee, it is important you understand your rights and are compensated fairly for the time you put into your work. If you feel your rights are being violated by your employer, our team can support you in evaluating and defending your case. Call us right now at 949-753-9100 for a free consultation and case evaluation!

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