Why You Should Go to a Doctor After a Car Crash

After a car accident, it’s not uncommon to want to just go home and rest instead of seeking medical attention. However, this can actually put you in more danger.  After a trauma, our bodies are designed to give us the strength to escape the danger.  It is often that our injuries will be hidden from us until hours after the trauma.  As such, it is important to contact a medical professional to determine if you are safe.

Car accidents, no matter how light or severe they are, warrant a closer look. Here’s why:

Underlying Dangers

Even if you don’t feel anything right away, there’s always the chance that your recent car accident has adversely affected your health. From smaller injuries like tweaking your back or spraining your wrist, to bigger ones like receiving a concussion, there are any number of ways you can get hurt during a crash that you may not immediately recognize during the heat of the moment.

In fact, injuries may feel like nothing at first, but could manifest as something much more serious down the road. Unbeknownst to you, even the smallest “fender bender” has the potential to impact your health and wellbeing. Take hitting your head, for example. You may, at first, just feel that you bumped your head. However, you may actually have a concussion and not realize it yet. 

Reliable Reporting

Going to the doctor can not only save your life, it also provides detailed reporting in the event that you do decide to take someone to court. When in court, the defendant may very well say that your injuries aren’t as serious as you claim. Going to the doctor’s office immediately after your crash is a way to ensure that whatever has happened as a result of your accident is meticulously cataloged for submission to the court. That way, your side of the story will be airtight.

The same applies to insurance claims. In fact, if you wait to go to the doctor, there’s a chance that your insurance company will push back on your claim as well. This can be extra difficult if you’ve suffered from a delayed reaction to the crash, such as whiplash or organ damage, which usually don’t appear until days later. Don’t leave it up to chance – lean on a medical professional to officially document your health as soon as you can after a car crash.

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