What Defines a Catastrophic Injury?

When a victim suffers a personal injury, many can acclimate to life after months or weeks of expensive rehabilitation or treatment. In other circumstances, the survivor’s quality of life is forever changed, especially from an injury from which they will never fully recover. These horrific incidents are often referred to as a “catastrophic injury.” Alison Gokal and the attorneys at Gokal Law Group understand the physical, emotional, and financial burden that a catastrophic injury will have on a victim or their family. We have made it our mission to fight for their rights and bring justice for those who have been seriously injured in these situations. But what defines a catastrophic injury?


Catastrophic injuries are defined by their outcome. A catastrophic injury is one that is so severe it may permanently prevent the injured from obtaining meaningful work to support themselves and their family. Generally, there are basic outcomes associated with the catastrophic injury: (1) fatality, or (2) severe functional disability, and/or (3) severe, life-altering head or neck trauma. These accidents are often the result of car or truck accidents, product defects, medical mistakes, construction accidents, workplace accidents, and other incidents where the accident happened due to the no fault of the victim.


Common catastrophic injuries may include:

  • Brain injuries
  • Severe burns
  • Neck or back injury
  • Spinal cord and neurological disorders
  • Organ damage


After sustaining an injury that is this severe, victims are often required long and expensive medical treatment including lengthy hospitalization, surgery, medications, physical therapy, medical equipment, and counseling. It is our primary goal to bring justice for those wronged and ease the financial burden our clients face. Not only are the victims facing these struggles, but their families are also affected. Spouses and family members are often called upon to become caregivers in these circumstances, having to give up their jobs and income to support their loved ones during this time; an emotionally and physically taxing experience.


Lawsuits against large corporations and insurance companies can be extremely costly and complex. Armed with deep pockets, insurance defense lawyers have unlimited resources, and they are willing to spend any amount necessary to prevent the injured person from obtaining the just compensation that they are owed. Alison Gokal and the attorneys at Gokal Law work on a contingency fee basis to alleviate the additional costs during this time. We don’t get paid until you get paid. We do this in order to enable our clients to focus getting healthy and putting back together the pieces of their lives. If you or a loved one has experienced an injury, call us right now at 949-753-9100 for a free consultation and case evaluation!

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