The Truth Behind Personal Injury Myths

“You have no case!” “You are wrong!” “You will never win!” These statements are often said conclusively to mislead consumers claiming they have no chance of winning a personal injury lawsuit. This fear is created by large corporations and those responsible for harming consumers and their family.  Why? Money of course.


If you’ve been injured in a car accident or experienced an injury because of a defective product, there is a chance you have a case.  Remain educated and don’t fall for these common personal injury myths. 


You Must Prove Fault in a Product Injury


Many believe that if you cannot prove the manufacturer or company was entirely at fault, then there is no case.  While there needs to be some evidence of responsibility for the manufacturer or company, there is no need to prove that the company was entirely at fault.  Additionally, there are situations where fault is assumed by the courts where the product is inherently dangerous, but that danger was hidden or unknown to the consumer.  An example of this is toxic chemicals, like asbestos, being placed in items we use every day. In a nut shell, if a company puts harmful things out to the consumers, they can be responsible for the results.


Speaking to an Attorney is too Expensive for My Case


Often, even speaking with an attorney to find out of you have a case can be expensive.  Most attorneys charge hundreds of dollars per hour. With the complex nature of litigation, bills can run up to the tens of thousands of dollars very quickly.


Our attorneys work on a contingency basis, meaning they don’t get paid until you do. Our no-fee guarantee means you have access to the justice system, rich or poor. The fees associated with your case should never be a barrier to justice.


You Do Not Need a Lawyer After a Personal Injury


Regardless of the severity of the accident, bringing on an attorney will ensure your rights are protected, and you are fairly compensated. This will protect you against intimidation tactics often used by insurance carriers and companies.  Our highly experienced team of attorneys at Gokal Law Group, Inc. have a long-standing history of successful verdicts and settlements and will use their expertise to find justice for you. 


Don’t believe the false narrative created by big business.  They have endless assets at their disposal to fight off your right to justice.


Stand up for yourself and others just like you.  Take down the Goliaths with an incredible team of compassionate warriors behind you.  Contact us or give us a call at 949 753 9100 to speak with our team about your situation. 

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