The Dangers of Tesla Thrust – Unintended Acceleration

Is there a danger lurking behind one of the most well known electric vehicles?  A rogue element that will cause injury?


Many Tesla owners are claiming that there is a serious glitch in Tesla’s software, resulting in unintended accelerations where the car drives itself, leaving no control to the human driver.  Many stories of accidents and reports are making headlines and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has officially announced it will be investigating reports on this issue. 


What is Tesla Thrust?


If dystopian films have taught us anything, it’s that dangerous things happen when technology develops a mind of its own. While a robot-driven reality is still a thing of the future, self-driving automobiles are very much a part of Tesla’s business model. For those claiming to have experienced this malfunction, unintended acceleration is a situation where the car quickly accelerates without the driver’s intention or control. This frightening scenario opens the door for injury or even fatal accidents.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Investigation


In response to a petition brought forward, the NHTSA has announced it will be investigating the claims of UA in three different Tesla models. The complaint sites 127 different cars that have experienced the acceleration issues, having caused 110 accidents and 52 injuries as a result.  


Documented UA Incidents Involving Tesla


The filed complaint sites multiple instances of accidents occurring due to what the drivers believe was sudden unintentional acceleration. In August 2019, a Tesla Model X driver crashed into several cars and came close to running over two people while attempting to parallel park. A similar instance occurred in 2016 when a woman in South Florida crashed through the front door of her gym, and while no injuries occurred, destruction was left in its wake. The list of these accidents is growing, and many more people are at risk while these vehicles remain on the road. What do all of these instances have in common? The claim that the car accelerated all on its own. 


Tesla has attempted to change the auto industry with its innovation, but are they taking the proper steps to ensure it is done safely? While over 100 accidents are known, how many other cases of Tesla Thrust are undocumented? 


If you’ve experienced an accident while driving any Tesla model and believe UA could have been the cause, we need to hear from you. Give us a call at 949-753-9100 to discuss how we can help fight your case and find justice from those at fault – beginning with the prevention of even more Tesla UA accidents. 

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