Tesla’s Potential Shifting Safety Hazard

Tesla’s reputation for pushing the technological envelope has kept the company in the headlines, and has arguably made the company the leading force in electric car manufacturing. There’s a bit of trial and error that comes with being an innovator, and sometimes the results are unsafe. Case in point: The new Tesla gear shift.   

What Is Happening?

Tesla’s pursuit of perfection with its vehicle design has hit a slight roadblock. The company seems to have invented a problem that didn’t exist in the past – the gear shift has disappeared. So what happened, exactly? For their 2021 Model S and Model X refresh, Tesla has moved the shifting function to the tablet screen. In place of a traditional manual shifter, the transmission for these cars is controlled via a touchscreen button.

This makes it one of the only vehicles on the market that doesn’t have a manual gear shift. The new system also integrates the latest update to Tesla’s AI, meaning these are some of their smartest vehicles yet.

Why Does That Matter?

From our perspective, this creates potential product safety concerns. Moving the button to the touchscreen poses a potential safety hazard for drivers, as they will have to look away from the road in order to shift gears. This greatly reduces their reaction time and general awareness, and could even be categorized as a distraction. 


Another concern is news that the latest Tesla AI will be intuitively deciding whether or not drivers want to accelerate forward or backward, based on special machine learning programs. So, not only will your gear shifting be contingent on being able to see your screen, but from the very start, even the forward or reverse direction your vehicle will be driving will supposedly be dictated by software. And if that AI guesses wrong? You may move the wrong way, which creates yet another safety hazard.

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