Tesla Crash Risks Result in Recall of Nearly 500K Cars

After years of battling defects with their autopilot software, Tesla is now forced to recall nearly half a million vehicles due to defects with past models. These include issues with the cable harness for rear-view cameras, trunks that pop unexpectedly, autopilot-related crashes and other Tesla crash risks


Tesla Crash Risks Discovered with Past Models

After finding technical troubles with certain models that can increase the risk for a crash, Tesla is now recalling over 350,000 Model 3 cars manufactured between 2017 and 2020. The problem is the rear-view camera cable harness, which can be far too easily worn out from simply opening and closing the trunk, according to their statement with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The subsequent issue here is that once the harness is damaged, the rear-view camera image stops displaying, leaving drivers at a disadvantage. 


The vehicle manufacturer recalled an additional 119,000 Model S cars deployed since 2014 after discovering a defect in the latch on the front trunk. The defect can cause the hood to pop up without notice, potentially blocking the driver’s view, which tacks on another Tesla crash risk to be wary of. This was reported in a separate statement to the NHTSA


Other Forms of Increased Tesla Crash Risks

In addition to issues with camera cable harnesses and unexpected trunk openings, the NHTSA also announced that playing video games on a Tesla console would be prohibited while the vehicle is moving. To solve this, Tesla will be sending a software update to Tesla owners that will lock the Passenger Play function while driving. The company’s autopilot feature is also being deeply investigated due to the 17 injuries which have occurred since 2018.


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