Roof Crush Accidents Create Heightened Risk for Spinal Cord Injury

Most drivers are aware of the phrase “barrel roll,” which refers to when a car rolls over multiple times due to an extreme collision. However, the barrel roll itself isn’t the real danger; each time a car rolls over in a crash, the likelihood of the car’s roof crushing in rises.  If a roof crush occurs, chances of a spinal cord injury rise as well. Learn more about how roof crush accidents can incur spinal cord injuries, and be sure to contact a representative at Gokal Law Group, Inc. to seek compensation for any injuries sustained in such a collision. 


Roof Crush Accidents & Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are severe, require extensive recovery time, and can easily lead to paralysis and death. It’s been found that nearly half of all spinal cord injuries are caused by auto collisions, many of which are roof crush accidents. Roof crush accidents are just what they sound like: they occur when a vehicle rolls upside down, crushing the roof with the car’s full weight. This kind of pressure is enough to deal extreme damage to a driver’s head, neck, and back, which subsequently affects spinal cord nerves. In extreme cases, victims can stand to lose movement and sensation in their legs, torso, chest, arms, and neck, depending on the extent of the accident.


The medical bills that arise from instances of paralysis can be astronomical, not to mention rehabilitation costs, ongoing care, and the medical equipment needed to support your recovery. However these victims are often unable to pay these medical expenses due to their inability to work with a spinal cord injury. Rather than spending tens of thousands to over one million dollars per year on spinal cord care, consider turning to an attorney with tenure in the roof crush personal injury space. 


Seeking Compensation After a Roof Crush Accident

If you have been injured at the hands of a roof crush accident, you’re likely entitled to some form of financial compensation. To start this process, it’s important that you turn to a vetted legal resource that has ample experience in roof crush cases. Gokal Law Group, Inc. is a good example of such a resource. Our attorneys will begin with an investigation into the contributing factors of the accident in question. We’ll figure out the precise cause of the roof crush accident, which often results from negligent driving, difficult weather conditions, or confusing road construction. 


Certain pieces of evidence will then be collected by our roof crush experts, including witness statements, relevant pictures, and medical bills to establish a link between the roof crush accident and your sustained injuries. Lastly and most importantly, we’ll determine the precise amount of damage dealt by the roof crush accident. Such damages can range from medical bills and lost wages to pain and suffering. Once the financial losses of your spinal cord injury have been calculated, our experts will advocate for your entitlement to financial compensation from any party or parties at fault. 


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