Jury Awards Patients $14.975 Million for Cryopreservation Tank Failure

Personal injury law is often directly connected to physical injuries; from car accidents to product failures, these instances certainly make up a large percentage of claims. But what about emotional injury, such as the loss of a potential baby? That’s the focus of our latest article, as a jury recently awarded patients of a San Francisco fertility clinic $14.975 million in damages after one of its cryopreservation tanks failed – resulting in the loss of thousands of eggs and embryos.

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Hope for a Brighter Future

If you’ve known anyone going through the trials and tribulations of fertility treatment, you’ll understand how stressful the whole process can be. For many couples, it’s the culmination of years of saving, and is often the last opportunity for them to finally start a family. Fertility clinics are located all over the country, and represent the hope for a bright future for the roughly 9% of men and 11% of women of reproductive age in the United States who are experiencing fertility problems.  

It’s easy to understand how emotionally invested patients can become when they learn that an egg was successfully fertilized, or that an embryo is ready for implantation. Pregnancy and parenthood are suddenly within reach. 

Shattered Dreams

For the five plaintiffs in A. B., et al v. Chart Industries, Inc., et al, the loss of their potential offspring represented much more than a setback. It shattered their dreams of parenthood, at a time when those dreams were closer than ever to coming true. One of the plaintiffs, Chloe Poynton, 39, lost nine eggs. She describes some of the suffering it caused her, being quoted as saying “It’s really painful to be at a baby shower celebrating someone else’s family being built and knowing inside you’ll never get that…so you start to pull back. You start to isolate.”

While around 400 patients were impacted, this lawsuit was on behalf of three women who lost eggs and a married couple who lost embryos.

Final Verdict 

In the end, a jury found that Chart Industries, the manufacturer of the defective cryopreservation tank was ultimately 90% responsible and negligent for failing to recall a malfunctioning part which was found to be a “substantial factor” for causing the failure. The part in question was a controller that monitored liquid nitrogen levels. Chart Industries, which was mentioned as having a 15-year history of equipment failure, was aware that their controller had a high risk of malfunctioning, but hadn’t done anything to protect patients in the event of its failure. 

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