Injured by a Product Purchased Online? Here’s What You Need to Prove a Defective Product Claim.

During this time, most people are spending significantly more time at home. For many, this also means an uptick in online shopping purchases. If you recently bought a product online and were injured from a defect the product had, read on to discover what steps you can take to protect your rights.

Make Sure You Actually Have A Case

In the aftermath of an injury, it can be easy to feel upset and look for others to blame. However, in order to successfully prove a defective product claim, you need to ensure you have a real case. For your case to make it to court, the following elements must be present: the product you ordered online is defective, you used the product how it was intended, you were injured or suffered losses because of the defect in design or manufacturing, and the manufacturer didn’t warn you of this harm. If these four elements occurred, you may have a defective product case. 

Identify Who is Responsible

Does the blame for your defective product injury go to the company as a whole? A specific branch? Or maybe one person is responsible? Determining who is liable is the first step in pursuing legal action. Depending on the product and company, the list of liable parties may be long, but taking the time to identify each one will increase your likelihood of winning. Look into the manufacturer, digital retailer, and shipping company as people who may hold responsibility in your case. Once it has been decided, those names should be added as defendants in your case. 

Tip: Foreign Manufacturers and Production

Many online retailers manufacture and produce their products overseas to keep costs low. While this may complicate your case slightly, it is still possible to add the foreign company as a defendant. Most countries have laws in place that require manufacturers working in the United States to fall under legal jurisdiction for all proceedings that take place between the U.S. and their home country. 


Identify the Major Causes

Did the product adequately warn against its defects? If there were flaws or discrepancies in the product’s design, manufacturing, or safety warnings it is important to take thorough notes on the specifics of the item. Any oversights on their part that led to your injury will be important evidence to back up your case and help you come out successfully on the other side.  

Product liability lawsuits put a company’s reputation and financial status at great risk, and large companies will likely go to great lengths to defend themselves. In order to successfully win a defective product case, you need a strong, dedicated team by your side. Gokal Law Group is that team. 


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