How a Dashboard Cam Could Affect Your Personal Injury Case

There’s a growing number of drivers arming themselves with extra protection when they get behind the wheel. However, this popular added security is not protecting them from potential injury, but instead giving them greater peace of mind when it comes to road mishaps and crashes. It’s the dashboard camera. 

The market for dash cams is continuing to expand across the globe. In 2019, it was valued at $2.8 billion with an estimated 36.1 million units sold. Today, many people believe this small investment could pay off if a crash leads to an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. 

Caught On Camera

So what can these tiny cameras actually capture? If it’s set-up properly, your footage could show exactly what happened before, during, and after a crash. It should also include a timestamp that can provide the exact time and date the incident occurred. Your footage may also include the license plate and make or model of the vehicle in the case of a hit and run, as long as the camera is of high enough quality to capture the plate number.

Depending on your setup, the camera can also capture details like which driver moved across a lane, hostility or impairment after a crash, and excessive speed. These details could work both for or against you depending on the circumstance.

Support In Court

If you’re dealing with a personal injury claim, solid video evidence of the incident can change the outcome of the case. With the ability to show the court exactly what happened, it’s easier to gain the bargaining advantage when discussing a settlement, unless the other party can provide evidence showing that your footage is misleading.

Insurance Claims

Dash cam video may also come in handy as evidence for insurance claims. The footage may help convince a company to settle. If the case goes to trial and the video may be allowed in court.  It also may have powerful effects when it comes to deciding liability and awarding damages.

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