Car Accident on a Road Trip? Here’s What You Should Do

Traveling this summer has been outside of the norm compared to years past, but that does not mean families aren’t out and about. Road trips are increasingly common. The adventurous feeling of getting on the open road is tempting for many who have been stuck at home. 

However, long hours of driving lead to an increased risk of serious injury in a crash. Should you be involved in a car accident, here are some tips:


File a Report

After you assess the situation and ensure any injuries are addressed, you should contact the local police to file an official report. Similar to if the accident happened in your local area, having authorities come to evaluate and log the circumstances of the crash is important to prevent the other party from trying to spin the story during the legal process. Take pictures of the damages to both your car or RV and the other party’s vehicle. 


If your crash occurs in another state, it becomes even more important for you to exchange information with the other drivers involved to make the process less complicated. Write down or take their license plate, driver’s license, and insurance information, making sure to note his/her state. Get information from witnesses as well, if any are available. 

Contact the Necessary Parties

After you have relocated to a safe place, you should contact the parties that need to know about the accident. This typically includes your insurance provider and any rental car or trailer services whose vehicles were involved. If you did rent a vehicle involved in the crash, any extra insurance you purchased may cover part of the damages. In the case that rental insurance was not purchased, your normal insurance, or even insurance from your credit card, may likely cover you.

Prepare for the Aftermath

A crash on a road trip typically happens in between point A and point B; if you crashed somewhere that was not your final destination and the car is too damaged to drive, you may want to stick around for a day or so to recover your belongings and get the medical help you need. Additionally, this can give you time to recover and regroup before deciding whether to continue the trip or return home. 


If the accident was caused by another driver and you want to sue for damages, you will need to check the state’s statutes for a personal injury case. These laws vary state-by-state. When the accident occurs in a state that does not hold them responsible under these statues, you will need to sue them in their home state. 


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