Battat Recalls Teething Toys Sold at Target

Children’s toy manufacturer Battat announced this month that it will be recalling more than 60,000 units of a popular product created for teething babies, after several reports of their Light-Up Firefly Teether Glowy Chews indicated that the product is unsafe.


Here’s what you need to know:


What Is Happening?

The Light-Up Firefly Teether Glowy Chews were purpose-built to help parents address the needs of their teething babies. Sold across the United States and Canada, the products were recently cited in a recall report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission as posing a risk to the health and safety of its intended users. 

Essentially, there is a design flaw that renders the children’s toy unsuitable for infants. The product, which is shaped like a firefly, has big plastic wings on either side that complete its look. Obviously intended to be placed into the mouths of children, the Firefly Teether Glowy Chews are expected to live up to stringent safety standards set by the cConsumer pProtection aAct. However, after several families reported that the wings were breaking off and posing a choking risk for their children, the toymaker decided to pull their product off the shelves before anyone else gets hurt. 

Details of the Recall

Effective immediately, Battat is asking anyone who has purchased their Firefly Teether Glowy Chews to return the toys as soon as possible. To date, there have been 14 different reports citing the wings of the toy breaking off, with at least one case of an infant actually choking on one of the broken pieces. 

As a toy manufacturer, Battat can ultimately be held liable for any deaths or injuries stemming from their defective products. The blue, green and red light-up toys were sold nationwide and online from July 2019 through February 2021, and have swiftly been taken off of shelves across North America as more reports have continued to emerge. If you are in possession of one, it can be returned to any Target store or mailed directly to Battat in return for a full refund.


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