3 Tips for Sharing the Road with Commercial Trucks

With the holiday season fast approaching, we will see more cars and trucks on the road. This includes more big-rigs carrying more products for the holiday season.  But, that also means more risk of collisions.  When it comes to sharing the road with commercial-sized trucks, driving conditions can become dangerous very quickly if drivers do not take the proper precautions. 

We’ve shared a few tips to help reduce the risk of getting in a car accident with a commercial truck:

1. Be Aware of Blind Spots 

Blind spots are a huge cause for concern when sharing the road with a commercial-sized truck. These are also known as “No zones.” No zones are areas where truck drivers have limited to no visibility in the front, back, and sides of their truck. It’s important to take note that the biggest blind spot is typically on the right side of the truck. A great way to tell if the truck driver can see you is if you can see their side mirrors. If you can’t, it’s not likely that you are visible to the truck driver. 

2. Keep Your Distance 

It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to sharing the road with larger vehicles as size does matter.  Distance is key as the rule of thumb is: “the larger the truck, the harder it is to stop.”  You can do this by keeping a safe distance between you and the truck. Most drivers are only able to look behind them by utilizing their side mirrors, for they do not have access to an inside rear-view mirror. With this in mind, a truck driver has a better chance of seeing you in their side mirror if you are further behind them on the road. 

3. Pass Safely 

When passing a larger truck with blind spots, do you best to make sure the truck driver is aware of your car. Stay out of blind spots, and anticipate what the truck driver is doing. If they are constantly changing lanes and speed, it may not be safe to pass. 

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